Plastering Supplies

Western Corp Hardware stock all the leading brand Plastering supplies including Masterwall M-TEX, Boral, CSR, Builders Choice, Cockburn, Swan, BCG, Westbuild and many more…

Western Corp Hardware are your one-stop plastering supplies shop no matter what plastering project you are taking on. With a huge range of hardwalls, cements, and texture coatings we have a great selection for Perth building supply companies and DIY weekend warriors alike.

We know every Perth plasterer has their own preference, so we carry all the leading plastering and cement supplies. We also stock a wide range of beads and coatings to finish the job with long lasting high quality products.

Check out our extensive range below. Don’t worry if you don’t see your favourite plastering supplies on the list; we are happy to order whatever building and plastering supplies you need.

Get in touch with us and we will have it ready for your next job. If you are running low on plastering supplies at the 11th hour, give us a ring and you could have it delivered to site the next day!

  • Hardwall

    • Ajacks Hardwall 20kg
    • Boral Hardwall 20kg
    • Brady’s International Hardwall
    • CSR Hardwall 20kg
    • CSR Superfine Plaster 20kg
    • Sheetrock Topping 28kg
    • Lime Industries Blue 25kg
    • Susac Lime 25kg
  • Cement

    • Builders Choice
      • HydroLime 20kg
      • Ultra Creme
      • Lime ‘n’ Grey 17.85kg
      • Lime ‘n’ Lite 17.85 Kg
    • Cockburn
      • Brickies Grey M4
      • Brickies Grey 17.8kg
      • Brickies Lite Coastal M4 20kg
      • Brickies Lite 17.8kg
      • Creme 20kg
      • Grey Cement
      • Grey GP 20kg
      • HyLime
    • Swan
      • Masonry Cement
      • 50/50 Grey 20kg
      • Coastal Cream M4
      • Floatcem 20kg
      • Grey GP 20kg
      • Marvelime 20kg
      • Rapid Set
      • Pave Mate Silica Sand 20kg
      • Concrete Pack 30kg
    • Plasterers Grey Cement
    • Dulux Renderwall P400
    • Renderoc HB 40 and FC

    Western Corp Hardware also stock the full range of plastic and steel 2.4 to 3m steel corner trim and stopping bead, for the perfect drywall preparation every time.

  • Cements

    Cockburn cement range including Floatcem, Crème, Grey, Marvelime, BGC Grey.

    • BCG Products
    • Cockburn Products
    • Westbuild Products


    • Cement BGC HydroLime 20kg
    • Cement BGC Ultra Creme Cement Grey BGC • Cement Lime & Grey 17.85kg
    • Cement Lime & Lite 17.85 Kg
    • Cement White Malaysian • Cement Cockburn Brickies Grey M4
    • Cockburn / Swan Masonary 20kg
    • Cockburn Brickies Grey 17.8kg
    • Cockburn Brickies Lite Coastal M4 20kg
    • Cockburn Brickies Lite 17,8kg
    • Cockburn Creme 20kg Cockburn Grey Cement Cockburn Grey GP 20kg Cockburn HyLime
    • Concrete Pack 30kg
    • Pave Mate Silica Sand 20kg Plasters Cement BGC Plastic Cover (Pallet Cover) Render Base Coat P400 Render Rock HB 40 Renderoc FC
    • Swan 50/50 Grey 20kg Swan Creme Coastal M4 Swan Floatcem 20kg Swan Grey GP 20kg Swan Marvelime 20kg Swan Rapid Set
  • Beads

    We also stock a full section of 2.4 to 3m plastic and steel corner and stop beads.

    • Rondo Products
    • Choice Building Products
    • Full Range
  • Texture Coating / Prima

    • Masterwall M-TEX
    • Dulux
    • Tuftex / Unitex
    • Taubmans

    All colours made to order
    Delivery or pickup