Concreting Supplies

Western Corp Hardware are your one-stop shop for all your concreting supplies in Perth, whether you’re a commercial concreter, builder or tackling a small DIY job.

We carry all sizes of mesh and a huge range of reinforcing bars and bar chairs, including SL53, SL63, SL62 and galvanised SL52, mesh and Y10, Y12 and Y1 deformed bars, assorted R6, R10, R12 and R16 galvanised round and deformed rods.

We also stock a huge variety of sealers (including water based sealers) and acrylic from all the leading producers, and Western Corp Hardware are proud to be the exclusive South West Metro distributor for Perth’s very own Able Westchem products.

You can also find all the tools you need to get the job done; including levelling screeds, placing rakes, edging tools, pointed finishing trowels and more.


The right concreting supplies for every job

We have chosen our range of reo mesh and steel bars carefully, because they suit every job. No matter if you work with standard grey concrete, stencilled and stamped coloured concrete, or even limestone, you will find all the concreting tools and reinforcing materials you need at Western Corp Hardware.

Check out our range of concreting supplies and reinforcing steel below. If you don’t see what you need, don’t stress!

We can order in products and sealants for all concreting jobs, including exposed concrete work. As a family business, we strive to provide our customers the very best, and source exactly what they need at the most reasonable price in Perth. Give us a call on (08) 9524 5712 and we would be happy to order in the products and tools you need for your next job.

  • Sealers (Including Water Based Sealers)

    Full Range

    • Able Westchem
    • Parchem
    • Nutech
    • CCS
    • Dulux
    • Tuftex
    • Taubmans
  • Steel Rod/Bar

    • Rod galvanised 12mm smooth
    • Rod galvanised r6 x 6m
    • Rod threaded galvanised 10mm
    • Rod 8m1 x 6m
    • Rod n20
    • Rod r12 galvanised smooth
    • Rod y10 10mm
    • Rod y12
    • Rod galvanised y10
    • Rod galvanised n12 6m
    • Rod galvanised n16 6m
    • 1500mm x n 16 bar
    • N16 starter bars 300mm x 900mm
    • R12 galvanised round bar
  • Steel Mesh

    • Steel mesh size SL53
    • Steel mesh size SL62
    • Steel mesh size SL63
    • Steel reinforcing mesh galvanised SL52
    • All other sizes of mesh are ordered in (e.g. Steel mesh size F81, F82, RF 102)
  • Bar Chairs

    Full range available to order

    • Bar chairs 20mm plastic tip
    • Bar chairs concrete 70mm x 50mm
    • Bar chairs mc160
    • Trench mesh chairs
    • Bar chairs 50/65
    • Bar chairs 25/40
    • Bar chairs 75/90
  • Expansion Foams

    All sizes and colours

    • Able flex
    • Joint flex
    • Icey joint
    • Bitumen board
    • Lock joint
  • Poly/Plaster

    • Black plastic poly: Black Plastic 1m/2m 200UM, Black Plastic 200um x  2/4 m x 50m
    • Clear plastic: Plastic Clear Builders film 1m x 434m x 25UM